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So, when falling in love with a new beer, remember: what is here today may be gone tomorrow.

 ~ New 12/10/2017 ~



      * A Savannah Brew                                                      # A Georgia Brew

Bell’s Christmas Ale / Scotch Ale Kalamazoo, MI abv 7.5%

Bell’s RoundHouse / Red IPA Kalamazoo, MI abv 7.5%

Bell’s Two Hearted / IPA Kalamazoo, MI abv 7.0%

Bell’s Winter White / Belgian White Ale Kalamazoo, MI abv 5.0%

# Burnt Hickory Didjits / Blood Orange IPA Kennesaw, GA abv 7.5%

Cigar City Tampa Lager / Lager Tampa, FL abv 4.5%

* Coastal Empire Savannah Brown / Brown Ale Savannah, GA abv 6.2%

D9 German Chocolate / Brandy B.A. Pecan IMP Stout Cornilius, NC abv 10.0%

D9 West L.A. Kitty / Hopped Sour Cornilius, NC abv 6.1%

# Dry County Noon Day/ XPA Kennesaw,GA abv 5.5%

Evil Twin Aún Más Café Jesús / Coffee Stout Brooklyn, NY abv 12.0%

Founder’s Red’s Rye / Rye IPA Grand Rapids/ MI abv 6.6%

Lagunitas Fusion 2000 / Wet Hopped Pale Ale Petaluma, CA abv 5.8%

* Moon River Yoga Pants / Southern-Style Pale Ale Savannah, GA abv 5.0%

# Monday Night Dr. Robot / Blackberry Lemon Sour Atlanta, GA abv 5.0%

# Monday Night Han Brolo / Unfiltered APA Atlanta, GA abv 4.7%

# Orpheus Dicothomy / DDH Pale Ale Atlanta, GA abv 5.0%

Sam Adams Chai IPA / Chai Flavored IPA Boston, MA abv 7.5%

Sam Adams Winter Lager / Winter Bock Boston, MA abv 5.6%

# Scofflaw Suckerpunch / Unfiltered IPA Atlanta, GA abv 7.2%

* Service Brewing Co. Battle Wagon / DBL IPA Savannah, GA abv 8.6%

* Southbound Hoplin / IPA Savannah, GA abv 6.2%

* Southbound Transilience / Pomemagranate Berliner Weisse Savannah, GA abv 7.0%

Stone Xocoveza / Mexican Chocolate Stout Escondido, CA abv 8.1%

Victory Home Grown / Lager Downington, PA abv 4.8%

Wyndridge Cranberry Cider / Cider Dallastown, PA abv 5.5%




* an open bottle is not returnable.

SPACE | blood orange cider | Ace Cidery | 6.9% abv. 22oz. 
Our Facebook fans were polled and overwhelming chose this most recently launched Bloody Orange Flavor. This limited edition cider comes in a clear bottle so you can see the vivid orange hue. ACE Space Bloody Orange is out of this world!

ALBAN FARMHOUSE RED | wine barrel aged farmhouse | BlackBerry Farm | 6.3% abv. 26oz.
Inspired by the traditional Red and Brown Farmhouse Ales of the Flanders region of Belgium, this beer underwent a mixed culture fermentation and spent fourteen months aging in French Oak red wine barrels before being bottled.

CALABAZA BLANCA | oak aged sour artisan white ale | Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales | 4.8% abv. 26oz
Aged in large oak casks and re-fermented in the bottle, Calabaza Blanca is a Belgian Biere Blanche. Spiced with orange peel and coriander, you’ll find it refreshingly tart, with a wonderfully dry finish.

BAM NOIRE | sour dark farmhouse ale | Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales 4.5% abv  26oz Aromas of worn leather and cool autumn nights. Notes of sweet plum and toasted raisin, hints of coffee and cacao. Lingering tart and refreshing finish.

TART OF DARKNESS | sour barrel aged stout | Bruery Terreux | 6.6% abv. 26oz. 
Tart of Darkness is a traditional stout that we aged in used oak barrels from The Bruery that had previously housed beers such as Cuivre™ or Black Tuesday®. We then brought them over to Bruery Terreux, added our special blend of souring bacterias and wild yeasts and watched nature take its course. The result is a perfectly tart yet awesomely dark and roasty, sour stout. Not a style you will see very often, and in our opinion, not a style seen often enough.

FOEDER BRETT SAISON | sour saison | Hi-Wire | 6.5% abv. 26oz. 
100% oak fermented ale brewed with brettanomyces yeast. More sour than funky, lighter in color and not very hoppy. This beer was fermented for 7 months.

RODENBACH GRAND CRU | flemish sour | Brewery Rodenbach | 6.0% abv. 26oz. 
Award Winning* Rodenbach Grand Cru is a blend of “young” beer (33%) and an older beer (67%) that has matured in oak vats. It is the high percentage of the older ripened-in-oak beer that gives it the complex and intense bouquet with a very long aftertaste like a Grand Cru wine. This is a complex beer with lots of wood and fruity ester flavors.

RED & WHITE | oak aged imperial wit w/ grape mustl | Dogfish Head | 10.0% abv. 26oz.
Tripel Threat is fermented with our proprietary Belgian yeast strain and brewed using imported Continental malts, hopped with Spalt and Goldings, and very lightly spiced with freshly toasted and ground coriander.

TRIPEL THREAT | belgian style tripel | Cambridge Brewing Co. | 10.0% abv. 26oz. 
Tripel Threat is fermented with our proprietary Belgian yeast strain and brewed using imported Continental malts, hopped with Spalt and Goldings, and very lightly spiced with freshly toasted and ground coriander.

SAISON DUPONT | belgian farmhouse | Brasserie Dupont | 6.5% abv. 26oz. 
Tripel Threat is fermented with our proprietary Belgian yeast strain and brewed using imported Continental malts, hopped with Spalt and Goldings, and very lightly spiced with freshly toasted and ground coriander.

FALL OF THE REBEL ANGELS | saison w/ chokeberries | Burial | 6.0% abv. 26oz.
Like so many beers and processes at Burial, has evolved into a mixed culture Saison fermented on local chokeberries and bottle conditioned until the perfect balance of tart, crisp, and fruit forward was struck.

LECTO DIVINA | belgian amber ale | St. Somewhere | 8.0% abv. 26oz. 
An amber ale brewed in the spirit of the abbey ales of Belgium. It’s a blend of a Belgian Dubbel and Saison. Lectio Divina gets its color from candi sugar, as it is made without dark or crystal malts. It is brewed with the same care and attention to the Art of Brewing that is practiced in the monastic breweries of Belgium.

BARREL AGED B.O.R.I.S.| oatmeal-imperial stout | Hoppin’ Frog | 9.4% abv. 22oz. 
Made from our B.O.R.I.S. Imperial Stout, that was rated one of the World’s 50 Best Beers, and won the Gold Medal at the GABF in 2008. BARREL-AGED B.O.R.I.S. has picked up rich characters of vanilla, dark fruit, oak, and spice. It’s unbelievably complex and savory.

RASPBERRY HALO | imperial stout | Cigar City | 10.7% abv. 22oz. 
100% oak fermented ale brewed with brettanomyces yeast. More sour than funky, lighter in color and not very hoppy. This beer was fermented for 7 months.



Ambers and Browns     *Caramel * Malty * Smooth

21st Amend. / Toaster Pastry India Red Ale / San Leandro, CA 

Highland Gaelic Ale / Amber Ale / Asheville, NC 

New Belgian Fat Tire / Amber Ale / Fort Collins, CO 

Rogue Dead Guy / Amber Ale / Newport, OR 

Rogue / Hazelnut Brown Ale / Newport, OR 

Belgian / Belgian Style  *Balanced * Effervescent * Sweet

Anderson Valley / G&T Gose Botanical Gose / Boonville, CA 

Boon Geuze Lambic Geuze / Lambicn/ Lembeek, Belgium

Boon Kriek Lambic Geuze / Lambicn/ Lembeek, Belgium

Delirium Tremens / Belgian Strong  /Melle, Belgium

Duveln/ Belgian Blonde Strongn/ Puurs, Belgium

St. Bernardus ABT 12n/ Abbey Quadn/ Watou, Belgium 

Victory Golden Monkeyn/ Belgian Style Tripel / Downingtown, PA

Wild Heaven / Eschaton Belgian Style Quad / Decatur, GA

Lagers / Pilsners   *Crisp * Light * Refreshing

Beck’s Non Alcoholic Lager Bremen, Germany

Broolyn Lager Lager Brooklyn, NY

Bud Light Light Lager St. Loius, MO

Coors Light Light Lager Golden, CO

Corona Lager Mexico City, Mexico

Heineken Pale Lager Netherlands

Michelob Ultra Light Lager St. Loius, MO

Miller Lite Light Lager Milwaukee, WI

Pilsner Urquell Pilsner Czech Republic

Rolling Rock Pale Lager St. Loius, MO

Sam Adams Boston Lager Lager Boston, MA

Yuengling Lager Pottsville,A

Pale Ales and IPAS  *Aromatic * Floral *  Hoppy*

Dodfish Head 90 min. IPA Milton, DE

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA Baltimore, MD

Lagunitas 12th of Never APA Chicago, IL

Lagunitas Daytime IPA Chicago, IL

Monday Night Slap Fight IPA Atlanta, GA

New Belgian Glülteny Glüten Free APA Fort Collind, CO

Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale APA Lyons,CO

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale APA Chico, CA

Sweet Water 420 Extra Pale Ale Atlanta, GA

Stone Ruination Dbl IPA Escondido, CA

Porters and Stouts  *Chocolate * Coffee * Smoke*

Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter Boulder, CO

Duck Rabbit Milk Stout Milk Stout Farmville, NC

Founders Robust Porter Porter Grand Rapids, MI

Guinness Irish Stout Dry Stout Ireland

New Hollands Dragon RSV. Seasonal Stout New Holland, MI

North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout Fort Bragg, CA

Wheat / White Ales Citrus  *Coriander * Orange *

Abita Purple Haze Raspberry Wheat Abita Springs, LA

Alagash White White Ale Portland, ME

Blue Moon Witbier Golden, CO

Franziskaner Weissbier  Munich, Germany


Angry Orchard Cider Cider

Bold Rock IPA Cider Cider

Not Your Father’s Rootbeer Adult Rootbeer



Enjoy the Beer Your Dad Used to Love



 Since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, The Cyrstal Beer Parlor has been the place for the True American Brew and that tradition continues today. We are proud to offer these great, time-honored beers that our fathers and their fathers enjoyed so many year ago.

Iron City Beer – In 1861, a young German immigrant, Edward Frauenheim, started the Iron City Brewery, one of the first American breweries to produce a lager. Celebrating 150 years ICB enjoys a loyal following around the world and wherever “Pittsburgh Nation” beer drinkers congregate. During the brewery’s 150-year history it has introduced many innovations, including the twist-off cap and the snap top can, and in 1976, was the first brewery in the United States to produce a light beer. ABV 4.5% ~ 12 oz

Miller High Life – In 1903 Miller High Life hits the shelves and is soon known as “the champagne of bottled beer”. In 1971, the world is introduced to “Miller Time” and it has become one of America’s best loved beers. Since then, it has ranked in the top 10 beer brands sold and has won numerous accolades. ABV 5% ~ 12 oz

Pabst Blue Ribbon – Brewed since 1844 and was originally known as “Best Select”. Captain Pabst took over the brewery, renamed it Pabst Brewing Company and began hand-tying blue silk ribbons around the necks of Best Select bottles. The brewery’s flagship beer was renamed Pabst Blue Ribbon following its win as “America’s Best” at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. ABV 4.74% ~ 16 oz

Lone Star – Beer makes the world go around, everybody knows that. Sometimes it can make you go around too, at least your head. Lone Star beer might not be a fancy, upper-echelon, yuppie beer, but it has its heritage and roots in Texas, and won the hearts of many Texans. Established in 1884 and is known as the “National Beer of Texas.” ABV 4.5% ~ 12 oz

Coors – it’s a name that conjures up an image of cool mountain streams, clear blue skies and all that is inspiring about the Rocky Mountain West. In 1873, determined to find quality water, Adolph Coors treks into Golden, Colorado. “The Golden Brewery” is born. ABV 5.0 ~ 12 oz

Dixie – Dixie lager is an American icon, brewed all-naturally since 1907. Dixie uses lightly roasted two-row barley malts and rice. The result is a crisp and flavorful beer with a mild Cascade hop finish. A century of New Orleans brewing tradition lives today in every bottle of Dixie. ABV 4.6% ~ 12 oz

Budweiser – “The King of Beers” has been brewed since the 1850s. Beachwood aging sets it apart from other American lagers. ABV 5.0% ~ 12 oz

Genesee Cream Ale – Where did your history with Cream Ale begin? For many, it was our Dads. Honestly, for some, it was without Dad when he left the fridge in the garage unguarded. Whether it was with Dad or without, time has shown that he was a pretty smart man. His choice of beer was a case in point. ABV 5.2% ~ 12 oz

Anchor Steam – San Francisco’s original Anchor Steam® Beer. The classic of American brewing tradition since 1896, Anchor Steam® Beer derives its unusual name from the 19th century when “steam” was a nickname for beer brewed on the West Coast of America under primitive conditions and without ice. ABV 4.9% ~ 12 oz

Shiner Bock – Spoetzl brewery was founded in 1909, and is the oldest independent brewery in Texas. During Prohibition, Kosmas Spoetzl kept the brewery afloat by selling ice and making near beer. After Prohibition only five of the original 13 Texas breweries were still intact. Shiner Bock combines its old-world, Bavarian heritage with the ingenuity of American handcraft brewing for a smooth, rich, always satisfying taste. ABV 4.4% ~ 12 oz


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